PS3 Controller on Mac to play L4D2
I cant get this thing to work. Its connected to my computer through bluetooth, but when i start the game, and go to mouse options, its never configured to the "gamepad" and even if i set all tbe options i want and apply, I get into the game and it lags and doesnt work properly. Then after that, any attempts to go into the options or menus it lags so bad that I no longer see where the mouse pointer is and I have to just keep moving the mouse until it just happens to scroll where I need it. How do i fix this? This laptop is new and there is plenty of space and other crap availble.
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Kitten Slut Apr 30, 2014 @ 11:55pm 
First I like your name :D
1. Open L4d2, then click ~ to open console. (If nothing happen when you press ~ look under setting for a console check box.)
2. Enter in "exec 360controller" command into the console. (Not sure if it's a command on L4D2 but it is on other Source engine games.)
3. Go to your Keyboard options, and select the control that you want to change.
4. If you want to change something by just presses the button you would like it to be. Like reload as Square or something.

This was the old way, I don't even know if a mac support ps3 controller input. I'm suprised, i'd try that though. I hope it help you ^.^ <3
I dont have a 360 controller, but i tried everything with the PS3 controller. It will conect and what not, but certain things wont work on the controller, and when i log out and log back into the game, i have to set all the control options all over again.
Arius123 Jun 24, 2014 @ 6:37pm 
I'm having the same issue
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