Drecarys Mar 26, 2014 @ 3:40pm
Concept73 server ban
I am fairly new to Steam and COD Black ops. I have absolutely no idea why I have been banned from a TDM server called Concept 73!!
It happened as I joined on the map Summit. Immediately saw that I started with a gun I didn't want, saw one on the ground and picked it up. Sat there for a second as I fumbled between reloading it and switching from my other gun. Then BAM!
Now I go back and it says banned.
What the Heck????
I don't camp (may go to a corner to reload), don't tube, certainly don't run n knfie and rarely use bad language.
Can't find any way to contact the server so ANY help would be great.

In game name: killOBkilled
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Drecarys Apr 4, 2014 @ 4:54pm 
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