FealoceBereth Mar 23 @ 1:17pm
Clipboard ?????
I've download a game and it says to copy a code to clipboard. When I click on the button 'copy to clipboard' nothing happends. If I click play nothing happend. This is really frustrating, can someone please help.
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TG Lantaern Mar 23 @ 1:27pm 
well copy to clipboard means that the code is copied, you just have to paste it where it requires you to paste. What game is it?
FealoceBereth Mar 23 @ 2:34pm 
Max Payne
FealoceBereth Mar 23 @ 2:36pm 
Where would I have to paste it please?
Ron Mar 23 @ 5:03pm 
I bought and loved that game on first trial. COPY to clipboard then when the game asks for the code you paste it - or control-V I think it is (that is paste on my windows machine) but I THINK it also worked for Mac. ALSO one game didn't allow pasting and I had to write down the code and type it in. Not sure if that was Max Payne or not. Its only once, so no big deal.
AT first I was mad because I see max payne 3 is a cider wrapped game, but after playing at at max res with all graphics on high and ultra smooth frame rate - I couldn't complain.
sportik Mar 23 @ 8:22pm 
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