Does "Boot Camp" make Pc games in Steam work on a Mac?
I've been searching for a while but I haven't quite gotten a clear answer. Does installing "Boot Camp" on my mac make it possible to play Pc games through steam? I have several games on my Pc that I would very much like to play on my Mac, but they only work on a Pc. So please help me out by answering my question
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Abdul Feb 14, 2014 @ 9:34pm 
All bootcamp is is essentially a dual boot of Windows. So yes, it'll allow you to play PC games on your MAC.
you will need to install steam in windows once you have booted bootcamp/windows.
Then log into your account and your PC games will be there. You will have to download them to your windows install before you can play them. I run windows games on my Mac using Parallel's. Though you need more powerful machine and not all games work properly. But I try demo's first and if the demo works the game works. I can't get my machine to install windows I've tried for 4 days. If I REALLY wanted a PC game I could play it on my PC... but honestly there is no game I want that bad.
Jmzy Feb 15, 2014 @ 8:17am 
Im in same postion as ron. Bootcamp never worked for me :( so i use parallels

Its a good alternative But u need to allocate 4GB for it or more otherwise ull get lag/performance issues :) If u have a 4GB ram mac i wouldnt bother unless its to play a low res game like MC
JMZY - I get good performance (I have i5 quad core) 3.1ghz. The one problem I have a lot with some games is the mouse/LOOK around in RPG is real jumpy - so you can't really aim. Kinda strange since I can play very high res on most and all options on. Tomb Raider was a little jumpy... so I got the Mac version when it came out. I just tried the MASS EFFECT demo ( I try to get demo's first to test them). And it's REAL JUMPY when you use the mouse to look around and aim. Otherwise the frame rate is real good. Any ideas how to fix that?
I have 12 gb ram - I allocate 4 to parallels, and 1 MB to video ram. Would it help to give it more ram?
[XOR]Shagz Feb 16, 2014 @ 7:03am 
Boot Camp has been what I have been using and rather successfully. I have a Mid-2010 MacBook Pro with i7 chip and 8G of RAM. Things run OK, but I find that you need grab video card drivers to stay up to date and maximize performance. The default ones that are part of the Boot Camp installation (you need to download) are not adequate. Have fun!
yeah - I hate that on my PC - always updating drivers... 30+ years of that. Now I'm Mac and loving it.
Ericrct Feb 17, 2014 @ 3:25pm 
Yes get bootcamp, and buy a copy of windows and yes.
optimus prime Feb 17, 2014 @ 3:47pm 
yeah bootcamp works well for me, i dual boot between Mac and WIndows for games like Transformers fall of cybertron, etc
Febrauary 11th Apple updated bootcamp to work with Windows 8.1 standalone. I had been waiting for this to come out for awhile, and now that it has, I've been able to play PC specific games on my Macbook pretty successfully. Currently play Batman Arkham Origins and it runs very smooth. Late 2013 15" Macbook Pro i7 2.3Ghz 16GB w/ dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M.
can someone tell me how to run online games on bootcamp windows, for some reason i get a missing executables error and i know theirs a fix, because i once almost got dayz to run on wine with wintrix (without bootcamping or running parallel) and i had to install som packets but i dotn exactly know how to make it run on windows.
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