Joninator300 2014年2月3日上午8:00
7 days to die
7 days to die is fun but hopping in and out of servers is fun but i need some dedicated steam friends the would like to play a game or 2

ufortunatly i only have 7 days to die on steam because i purchase the rest of my games at the app store( im a mac user)
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App store doesn't have great deals like Steam. I don't even look at App store any more.
I look only at Steam and AMAZON - can often have better deals than steam.
You buy on amazon and they give you a code you can then use on Steam and download it here. I've not looked at this game - I'll look... and see if it interests me. I suspect by the name I probably won't like it. But ya never know.
looked nah... not into slash and hack games. Plus way to expensive for early access. Not my thing at all. It reminds me of Left 4 Dead 2 which I got free - tried and deleted.
Joninator300 2014年2月3日上午8:26 
oh ok
Regulus ♥ 2014年2月3日上午9:45 
suicide with overplaying game.
Thanks for the invite though!
SeduceTheMoose 2014年2月4日下午3:09 
I have just set up this account, put many hours into rust (200+) on my old one, how is 7 days to die, is it worth the money or should I give it a miss?
the WeskerVirus 2014年3月24日下午5:39 
well i have been looking for some friends as well who also have skype
epicbeast707 2014年3月25日下午7:43 
I could play and probably record youtube videos, just msg me ur skype name and i'll add you as soon as i can.
♛Mänä♛ 2014年3月25日下午10:36 
seckam 2014年3月29日下午6:04 
add me on here and skype:liam seckam
Mango 2014年3月30日上午9:56 
xXLingLingxX 2014年7月8日下午7:17 
if anyones up for a game add me :D
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