CourierSerg 2014年6月28日上午10:56
Windows only games on Mac list
As anyone been noticing windows only game appering on their mac list? I've had both Gunpoint and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet show up on my mac list, but when I check the steam sale page of them, they show up with just the windows logo and requirements. Are these two games in the process of being able to run on mac or is it just a bug?
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Lantern 2014年6月28日上午11:53 
probably in the process because it was like that for tomb raider when it was in the process of being made available for mac/
skowals 2014年6月28日下午2:27 
firezatswill9 2014年6月28日下午6:52 
It's happened to me once, but I think it was just a bug
lawrence_evil 2014年6月29日下午2:53 
Goat Simulator did this just recently and now is on the Mac
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