MADthew 2014年6月27日 9時08分
Steam - Games for IPADs/Smartfones ?
I'll be happy when the steam will produce games for ipads
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#JeSuisCharlie#BringBackOurGirls 2014年6月27日 9時46分 
Terribly unlikely. Valve takes 30% of sales from there store and Apple takes 30% as well. Games would have to be specially developed for iOS due to its relatively weak specs, incompatible architecture, and touch controls.
There would be no point, as publishers would just put them up on the Apple store for the most profit and user base.
Ericrct 2014年6月27日 19時02分 
Mobile devices have terrible hardware. Not just iOS, but pretty much any mobile device.
Player is Secret 2014年6月28日 1時58分 
xottaBbi4sasha 2014年6月28日 8時16分 
Чеширский Кот 2014年6月28日 8時29分 
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