Garry's Mod having problems
My Garry's Mod will open but it comes up with a glitchy menu. It comes up with no text, a green arrow pointed to the left, awhite controller, a yellow folder with a red circle on it with a minus and a red X. When i highlighted the screen it came up with

{{Version}} ({{Branch}})




Any help fixing this

P.S I installed it on my Touro Mobile 3.0 Hard drive.
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It would help if i could put a screenshot up but I don't know how to. Also i'm using a Macbook Air.
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Teksura Jul 20, 2014 @ 4:04am 
Step 1: Go to Library. Right click on Garry's Mod. Select Properties. Select Local Files. Click Verify Integrety of Game Cache.

Attempt to run Garry's mod. If that fails:

Step 2: Right click Garry's Mod. Select Delete Local Content. This will uninstall the game. Once that has finished uninstalling, re-install the game.

Attempt to run Garry's mod again if that fails:

Step 3: Go to your Aplications folder. There will be a folder inside of that called Utilities. Inside of that folder is a program called Disk Utility. Run Disk Utility. When it starts, select your hard drive. This gives you options to check it. You should start in the First Aid menu, and can click Repair Disk Permissions. This will take a while to run and will normally find a lot of stuff even if that is not directly the problem here. Once that has finished, click Verify Disk. This will take some time as well and your system may be a little slower while it is doing this. If it gives you a glaring error that instructs you to repair the disk, we'll get to how to do that when we get there.

I doubt that this will even get to step 3 and even if it does step 3 prolly won't specifically solve your problem with Garry's Mod anyway, but it's still worth doing anyway just to check your system.

On a mac, you take a screenshot by pressing COMMAND SHIFT 3. This takes a screenshot of the whole screen. Alternativly, COMMAND SHIFT 4 lets you drag to highlight an select a specific area to screengrab. IIf you tap SPACE while doing this, you can highlight an entire window. If you're just taking a screenshot of a steam game while it's running, you can find what button you have set for that in Steam > Preferences > In-Game. If it is set to the default function key you may need to change it, or you will need to hold the fn key while pressing it to treat the function key as a normal function key rather than adjust the volume or something.
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Ok thanks, I'll try that and I know how to take screenshots but don't know how to upload them and again thanks.
Umm it won't let me select "Repair Disk Permissions"
NIKEBK Jul 21, 2014 @ 9:21am 
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