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VenomousHour Aug 8, 2014 @ 10:59am
Windows OS Community
To all those who say Macs arent for gaming i would agree. Your probably ripped of £400. But actually i have some of the best game you can actually buy on a mac although it isnt much, i have a PS3 for that...

Borderlands 2 (avg 30 fps low settings)
War thunder (avg 30 fps)
Insurgency (30 - 40 fps medium settings)

But i think about how much im spending on a custom pc about £400 (i5 4460) the rest doesnt matter.
But this is with an IGPU so lets see, a yes another £100 - £150 or so for a good graphics card.
And I forgot the monitor another £100 - £150.

Your looking at around £700 in the end.

But what you sometimes forget is that you have more problems with keeping your "Windows" pc alive for more then 2 years wear as i have still got a fully functional early 2011 mac pro laptop. And i can say that viruses play a huge part in that.

To be honest the only reason I'm getting a windows pc is to game, I like windows 8, others don't.

But people also say they find Mac OS hard to use. Well that depends on your experience with Windows OS. I only used it at school and sometimes on the home computer. But when i got a mac - in my opinion they are easier to use then Windows. My opinion, dont start shouting at me that I'm wrong because this is my OPINION I'm not telling people what they should like.

And I can safely say my friends dont like it for gaming but they say that the sound quality is exellent and it is much more astetically pleasing then most laptops and I have a friend which has gone through two laptops nearly because of viruses even with good viruse protection software cant stop it.

The only thing that I have a problem with is some of the "Windows Community". I'm lucky to have nice friends who don't just "Windows" game and also play games on PS3. But also play most of the game I play on mac. They tend to play Dayz standalone and arma which i would like to try out. But we dont really discuss the matter I just face the fact it can cost a lot for a develper to port to Mac OS.

Some people can just be quite spiteful when we start asking if they can put this game on Mac.

"Mac sucks" "Oh come and play this game with us, sorry it on Mac, maybe you should have bought a Windows" this is what it come down to.

Endless arguments, but it just come down to the fact they are all Personal Computers. Just different OS.
If it didn't even occur to you the 'spiteful ones' that steam actually ask the Mac Community to point out what games that we would like to be put on Mac OS.

So the next time you see Someone who is clearly in the Mac community asking if a game maybe ported over. Dont be a idiot and say things endlessly about Macs are stupid.

Just THINK to yourself we all have PCs but he/ she unfortuanlty has a Mac OS you dont have to say anything to them. You can be smug but we already know what you would say becuase you have the old joke book and your all out of jokes now so stop being childish and we will play the game we can all play.
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Ericrct Aug 8, 2014 @ 11:21am 
You don't have to trash your whole computer when you get a virus. Also if you are careful on the internet you will never get a virus.
Redronn Aug 8, 2014 @ 11:41am 
I haven't had any problems with viruses on Windows in ages. Nowadays I also just use Windows firewall and antivirus, with zero issues.
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