crimemovies Jun 13, 2013 @ 8:10pm
Map not compiling. NOT a leak...
I have been having a few issues after the Steampipe update when in hammer; Whenever I attempt to compile a map (this issue doesn't happen with all of my maps, the map is so big I have been making it in sections) and it usually is accompnied by an error message, so let me describe it;

Whenever I compile a map (settings don't seem to matter0) and tell Hammer to launch the game after compiling (hl2) I am not greeted by the typical Valve intro. Instead, there is a black screen and my cursor displays it's loading icon. After a while, if I hit any key, the game will close and this message will be displayed:

{Image won't post, it says something about the main menu background image not being found.}

Maps won't compile, their BSPs instead showing up as the recent version before the update.

I am really confused, and I hope to get this fixed soon with some help. Can anyone tell me what the issue is? I have tried everything, from deleting all my original .bsps of the map before the update, to refreshing my content.

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