Chickenprotector 2013年10月15日 13時15分
A head's up
The Source SDK 2006 got updated for the .VPK/Linux format and it broke the ability to connect to public servers. I don't have a fix, and I've tried EVERYTHING on my end to fix it. No luck.

"STEAM validation rejected" is the error most of us keep getting. (I talked to three others and they're getting the same issue).
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C0untzer0 2013年10月15日 13時26分 
And why is this a Greenlight issue? Wouldn't the general fora be a better place to start this thread?
Chickenprotector 2013年10月15日 13時28分 
It's meant to inform the modding community. Although I thought it would've posted the damned thing into the FF discussion page. Fail on my part.
Gorlom[Swe] 2013年10月15日 13時30分 
Have you contacted Steam support?
Chickenprotector 2013年10月15日 13時32分 
Doing that now.
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