The Frosty Dr. 2013年11月25日下午6:45
Need some help with this...
Ok, so a friend of mine downloaded Source Film maker for me, (for example) and I have at least tried to download it myself once, and he says that copying the (fully downloaded) Source Film maker files to my (not even half way downloaded files) should give me Source Film maker without having to download, but guess what, it still does, I don't want to have to download Source Film maker fully myself on my own PC, when all the needed files are already there. So is it supposed to do that? Is it even possible to do that transfer and it working? Must I download Source Film maker myself for it to work? Or would it be possible to uninstall SFM, and then the already downloaded files work?

Just to note, it isn't just Source Film maker, but Source SDK base 2007, and normal Source SDK.

I really don't want to download it all myself, don't want a huge bill using too much internet, especially when it's all already there just not somehow kicking into Steam's thought that the program is already there, as a full.
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The Frosty Dr. 2013年11月25日下午7:55 
I didn't want to really add this to the topic, but none of you can really say that, "No, it won't work, Steam doesn't allow it," because I went to the location Source Film maker was located, and opened the exe. of it, and it started up! Now this same concept would work with SDK etc. But I still need help with that... concerning SDK.
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