Buzzerker 2014년 4월 12일 오후 2시 51분
Will Linux ever replace Windows as a viable alternative? Can it be done?
Microsoft has a practical and a realistic monopoly on the Operating System of every desktop in the world except for a few that run on Linux. I have heard little and read even less about the upcoming Steambox that supposedly runs on Linux. I wonder if it is true? and if so will this OS ever be a potential alternative for serious gamers and by serious I mean anyone who has close to 200 or more games on Steam , Origin, Games for Windows Live or anyother of these game managers Steam of course is the easiest and safest to use IMAO. I don't really like the idea of the Steambox because with a gaming rig you build with your own two hands you have more control over what is in it and how much it costs , what it can do , how well it performs and you can learn how to make it better or upgrade it at will. Steambox sounds like a console on steroids , I could be wrong but who can tell until it actually comes out. What do you , Steam community , know about this issue? reading all these posts under mine , things do not look so bright.
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Broetchen 2014년 5월 30일 오전 3시 38분 
Better post this here since you will reach more people there and this forum is about Source Dedicated Servers on Linux and not Linux in general.
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Buzzerker 2014년 5월 30일 오전 7시 33분 
Tools and Servers> it says it above it is the correct place for it. Linux being a tool and I forgot about it until you put your post up. if I put it where you suggest it will be generalized and not specific. So what does it matter anyway ? It seemed important at the time , (I will probably get banned for posting this ) , but now it does not seem so important as it will probably take many years for it to happen and I think Microsoft would try to stop it in some way if it was perceived to impose on the 'virtual' monopoly they currently enjoy.. Maybe a completely new form will emerge better than both Windows and Linux, who can say?
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Buzzerker 2014년 5월 30일 오전 7시 38분 
I have seen your handle many times , are you a moderator of some sort ? Do you have anything to do with the Linux OS?
Broetchen 2014년 6월 1일 오후 12시 19분 
I suggested you to post there because this forum is about the Source Dedicated Servers on Linux where people ask for help or stuff like that. Also I think that you'll reach a bigger audience in the other forums and get a more unbiased opinion there.
And no, I'm not a moderator or something, if I were, my nickname would be orange in the posts.
Buzzerker 2014년 6월 1일 오후 1시 10분 
why don't u post one. You sound like you think you know something so share it. I'm just some dumb ♥♥♥ for you to correct.
Buzzerker 2014년 6월 1일 오후 1시 11분 
so quit correcting me and wasting time and post something
Broetchen 2014년 6월 2일 오전 8시 21분 
My answer is: Yes. Linux is already superior to Windows in most things (speed, usability, etc). There's currently just a lack of (proprietary) drivers that use all of the gpu's capabilities and a lack of AAA games, which already changes with many titles being ported (e.g. Valve games, XCOM).
And sorry if I seemed arrogant or something before, I just wanted you to get replies to your question in forums with a higher popularity.
Buzzerker 2014년 6월 2일 오전 8시 34분 
Oh ok , so its the drivers , HA , I never would have guessed it. Thank you for your post it was polite of you.
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Broetchen 2014년 6월 2일 오전 8시 39분 
Buzzerker님이 먼저 게시:
Oh ok , so its the drivers , HA , I never would have guessed it. Thank you.
Yes, although nvidia are already improving their drivers on Linux and get in touch with the open source driver developers, but ATI doesn't care at all (their drivers on Windows are bad, too so it seems to be a problem of ATI itself).
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