Eyelander Jun 27, 2013 @ 8:22pm
Making a tf2 server with SteamCMD (Not working)
Yes yes yes before anything i have read the pages and videos on how to make a tf2 server with the new SteamCMD and everything makes fine sense to me.

The server is downloaded and everything. But here is the problem, I get how to do everything but for some odd reason when i create the server it will turn on actually fine the first time with almost no problems but shutting off the server and restarting it nothing happens. Ive tested many many times and every time i did this the same thing happened over and over. So downloading server, turn it on for the first time, works pretty much fine, shutting it off and doing absolutely nothing to it, the server will never start and will sit there at the loading bar for about 5 mins before going away and nothing shows up. So re downloading the entire server over again the server will work fine the first time, than after that never to turn on again.

I'm actually a server expert, ive ran a tf2 server with the old srcds for the passed 3 years and never have i had this problem. Please help. Ive only taken a break from my tf2 server for about 2 months so this Steamcmd thing is new to me.
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I had the same problem, and then I realized that your error is probably that the Server isn't able to load the Steam Support Access Library for the server to make it secure. Now, there are Valve pages available on how to reset Firewall settings for anything Steam and stuff, but that requires you to redownload Steam, which means that you will lose all of your custom stuff if you didn't back it up (i.e: maps, HUDs, Sprays, etc.).

If you are participating in Steam Beta like I was, I would suggest Opting-Out of Steam Beta and Restart Steam when it mentions, which should start a Downloading for regular steam, which allows you to keep the files, and even better, Get access to that necessary Library you need for your Serve to work Fully.

If you aren't, then I would make a Back-Up of ALL of your Custom Files for TF2 and other games you have created Content for. Then, uninstall and reinstall Steam. Then, Remove any Steam Related settings for Blocking access in your Firewall so that your Firewall can "Relearn" Steam when it gets reinstalled. After that, Restart your Computer, copy your custom content to the appropriate games, Validate your Games, run the server, and Hope for the Best.

Be aware that this may happen over and over throughout the progression of Steam Updates....
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MadreNodriza Sep 23, 2013 @ 4:08pm 
Follow these tutorial and it should work
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