Nevalopo 2014年3月28日 11時42分
Can't load workshop maps on CS:GO
So im having this problem with loading workshop maps on my dedicated csgo. They are downloaded and i find them in maps folder but when i try to change the map it just says Skipping new version check for file 8367287. Next check in 232 seconds

(The map doesn't change and nothing happens except this message)

How do i actually load workshop maps into my server? The launch commands im using is
C:\server\cs_go\srcds.exe srcds -game csgo -console -usercon -port 27015 - ip XX.XX.XX.XX.XX +game_type 0 +game_mode 0 +map de_dust2 +workshop_start_map 242069527 -authkey XXXXXXXXX
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Lesterre 2014年3月29日 7時01分 
I've been having a similar problem with workshop maps, it's probably the same issue.

Everythign is set up like it was prior to the latest update, but the server no longer works with workshop maps

and In console I get this when I connect

[MM] Server xx.xx.xx.xx:27015 reservation pending response waiting...
[MM] Sending reservation request to
[MM] Sending reservation request to xx.xx.xx.xx:27015

repeating over and over... but everything is fine as long as I don't use workshop maps.
Nevalopo 2014年3月29日 7時49分 
It also works for me with normal maps but i can't get it running at all with workshop maps :/
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Lesterre 2014年3月29日 8時02分 
Yeah, it seems to be a problem with the Workshop. I really hope Valve fixes this soon.

It was working fine last week for me, but now everything is ♥♥♥♥ed up....
Nevalopo 2014年3月29日 8時03分 
Not sure if its a valve problem because i see people running workshopmaps on other dedicateds
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