Tis A Mystery 2012년 9월 6일 오후 1시 42분
Corrupt a Wish
Since this seems to be the new forums for steam, I guess I might as well bring back a relic from the old forums. So reintroducing corrupt a wish, what you do is corrupt the last persons wish then make a wish of your own to be corrupted.

My wish: I wish these new forums gave free pie
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Spawnsik 2012년 9월 6일 오후 3시 23분 
Corrupted: The forums give free pie, but they contain raw orphan meat.

My wish: I wish all steam games were free.
Ragan 2012년 9월 6일 오후 3시 51분 
Granted, all Steam games are free. Steam itself costs $10,000 a month to use, however. And the charges are retroactive depending on how long you've had your account.

I wish I was immune to migraines.
poodlenoodles 2012년 9월 6일 오후 4시 11분 
you are now immune to migraines, but you are also incontinent
my wish: world peace
Ragan 2012년 9월 6일 오후 4시 20분 
Granted. The world is at peace, and we destroy every one of our weapons, and resort to singing and talking to resolve our differences. All is well until Kang and Kodos show up to invade Earth.

I really wish I had some excedrin right now...
poodlenoodles 2012년 9월 6일 오후 4시 41분 
you have now gone down to the drug store and you have bought some excedrin. on your way back you bump into a grumpy mad scientist and make him angry. he then builds a giant laser and destroys every facility that produces excedrin and products similar to it. everyone with a migraine realizes you have one of the last bottles on the planet and they immediatly trample you to death in their rush to take it from you. you died because of that excedrin.

my wish: special K with vanilla almonds can give me x-ray vision
The Kilted Panda ॐ 2012년 9월 6일 오후 4시 43분 
special k with vanilla almonds didnt exist

my wish: chocolate chip cookies galore!!! lol
.R'n'R.Duck Hunter 2012년 9월 6일 오후 4시 51분 
Granted. A truck parked near your house and as soon as it opened its trunk, countless cholocate chip cookies flowed out of it. Ecstatic, you dive into the pile and start eating some, only to find out the chocolate chips are actually poop nuggets.

my wish: I want to be a highly trained medieval warrior
The Kilted Panda ॐ 2012년 9월 6일 오후 4시 55분 
you werent born in medieval times

my wish: never eat ♥♥♥♥ in my entire life
.R'n'R.Duck Hunter 2012년 9월 6일 오후 4시 56분 
dude that's not how it works... you have no imagination at all lol
poodlenoodles 2012년 9월 6일 오후 4시 58분 
.R'n'R.Duck Hunter 2012년 9월 6일 오후 4시 59분 
just answer the last one
Ragan 2012년 9월 6일 오후 5시 14분 
Resuming from before the derailing...

Granted, you are a highly trained medieval warrior, armed with a broadsword and full armor. Your nemesis is a highly trained future scientist with a heat ray, however. Hope you enjoy the heat...

I wish the Avengers was out on DVD.
poodlenoodles 2012년 9월 6일 오후 5시 39분 
the avengers is out on DVD, but someone put anthrax in every box

i wish, again, special k with vanilla almonds could give me x-ray vision
narcissusderpson 2012년 9월 6일 오후 5시 41분 
Granted, The Avengers are out on DVD you bought it just to find out the whole world ended and destroyed all copies of the Avengers and can only be pirate the movie but also destroyed internet connections from all devices.

My wish: Megaupload was back online
poodlenoodles 2012년 9월 6일 오후 5시 44분 
you were too late answer mine
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