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lemonadegame Mar 26, 2013 @ 11:04pm
Competitive gaming kiosks
Hey guys,

Just wanting some input from the community

I am doing a university project and the subject is 'Critical Thinking'. I have to turn $1 into a million. Among other ideas, I'm thinking about setting up gaming kiosks in shopping centers. On top of getting enough money to fund this (equipment, leasing), I'm checking the feasibility/interest. I'm going to get grilled by the teacher and my classmates so I may reasoning for everything has to be thorough.

- Your opponent is a guy who sits there all day, playing others just like you.
- The game is undecided (maybe AAaaaaAAAAhhhh, CS:GO bloodstrike, something quick - no RTS)
- The price is something like a sweet bunch of PC parts (vid card, a bunch of RAM, maybe an i7 processor)
- You buy 'rounds' with the guy. Each time you win, your ticket goes into the draw.
- 1 round is 5 bucks, 3 rounds are 12 bucks, and the pricing scheme will go from there

So you're cruising through the shopping center with your mate and you see a gaming setup advertising draw prizes. You see two guys playing CS:GO opposite each other. Upon closer inspection you see a bunch of other people lined up behind only one of the seats. People are sitting down, hitting keys/moving the mouse furiously for a minute or two then sliding their chair out sadly, vacating it for the next competitor.

You see that you can win prizes, but only if you beat this guy. You see he is creaming pretty much everyone there, but he hasn't played you. Since no one else is winning, you think you have a pretty good chance of winning a few tickets to go in and potentially win a bunch of shiny gear you see displayed next to '1st winner'

Do you take a shot?

Now this isn't advertising/trying to illicit donations or whatever.

I'm simply gauging interest, purely because my course marks depend on me being thorough :)

Cheers in advance guys and gals.
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Ridiculous idea, no one would feel comfortable playing in an unknown environment. Nor would they pay to play for a prize, unless the odds of them winning are high.

The reasons arcades work is because the games cost is cheap, and the experience of being in an arcade can not be replicated at home or anywhere else for that matter. 1 round for 5 bucks is absolutely crazy, that's like the price of lunch.

Furthermore, no one likes to wait to play. We are currently living in an era where instant gratification is the key for wildly successful entertainment. If I'm shopping around, I will not be getting in line for any extended period of time to further waste money on the slight chance of winning a prize.

Also what's stopping an entire crew of basement dwelling people who do nothing but gaming to come wreck your champion? There goes your business profits.

Here's your list of problems in an easy to read format.
- You have to pay your game champion a reasonable sum of money.
- You have to be sure that your champion is actually the very best at w.e. gaming you are hosting.
- You have to figure out a solution for the queue line problem.
- You either have to cheapen the cost of participation or make the prize ridiculous. (I hear 500 dollar GPU's or current gen consoles make great gaming prize or consoles)
- You have to find the perfect environment for such a kiosk. A food market is not a good environment for a gaming kiosk.

IMO your gaming kiosk would work well in a hobby shop. I would say arcade too, but that industry is about to die. (or is already dead)

Overall the business seems like a too risky of a venture.
- You would have to rent the place for the kiosk
- You would have to build the kiosk
- Then you would have to hire people to run the kiosk.
- Buy prizes for the competition

You stand to lose more money before you even break even through.
- People wrecking the prize defending champion.
- Buying more prizes as people continue to beat your champion.
- Paying monthly rents.

Originally posted by lemonadegame:
- You buy 'rounds' with the guy. Each time you win, your ticket goes into the draw.

What? Yeah, that's not gonna work. Nobodies gonna pay 5 dollars to waste time to play some kid at a kiosk, then realize that they even if they win, they would still have a risk of not winning due to random lottery.
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lemonadegame Mar 27, 2013 @ 1:34am 
Rolling Cheese - thank you very much for your clear and concise response :) I'm going to address some things and hopefully you'd be kind enough to let me know your thoughts once again.

Firstly, I've had feedback re: the fiver - I could lower it to 1 dollar for two rounds. Hows that?

Based on more feedback, I was going to rent the consoles (not PC) and TVs. This will allow the swapping out easier if a technical hitch goes out

Thirdly, I've been emailing wholesale gaming companies letting them know my concept and seeing if they'd be interested (sponsor the event and have their products on display in a high foot traffic location)

Fourth, as for buying more prizes for the competition - you already know its a random lottery. If more or less people win, it doesn't change the time between prizes being drawn.

Fifth, I've emailed shopping malls inquiring about the costs of leasing the space.

Sixth, building the kiosk - tables, consoles, TV's, partition or two. Hiring - two people, 14/hr each? Or commission based as I'd be asking them to be a little aggressive with the marketing, and to give out chupa chups in line/have screens playing upcoming game trailers while-U-wait

This will go for two weeks (I have a month to make a mil)

Thanks again!

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