DrMietek Feb 5 @ 10:03am
Team fortress 3, when?
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Hellen 8th cadia regiment Feb 5 @ 10:04am 
whe valve make half life 3
TeKraken Feb 5 @ 10:11am 
When there are no hats left to sell.
Black Blade Feb 5 @ 10:46am 
When Source 2 is out
And some day... some day
Boreak Feb 5 @ 11:29am 
[RZAN] LøstLïon Feb 5 @ 2:30pm 
all we can do is just hope they make 3rd game for all of there best games they made
Discussions_Acc Feb 5 @ 2:52pm 
As soon as Team Fortress 2 stops making tons of money obviously.
FunnyFarm Feb 5 @ 3:42pm 
March 3rd, 3333, 3:33 PM.
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low. Xenos Feb 5 @ 4:19pm 
When Valve finally makes every other game they own to three.
Obamarama Feb 5 @ 4:31pm 
It'll come out eventully but i don't think there's any need for a TF3 just yet. Due to the amount of new content they've added through the years it's like a brand new game when compared to the orginal version of TF2.
Cardboard Crusader Feb 5 @ 5:07pm 
valve haven't even released Richochet 2 yet.
Dellicious (Banned) Feb 5 @ 5:09pm 
What's so good about TF2?

Seems to me only the freaks/bronies play it
Obamarama Feb 6 @ 1:56am 
Originally posted by CM Dell:
What's so good about TF2?

Seems to me only the freaks/bronies play it
Download it and find out. It's one of the most consistently entertaining games on Steam and it's regularly updated with new content.
Pantsu on head Feb 6 @ 2:05am 
I spoke to Gaben, and he told me that he is going to release it in 1 month.
Benedict Cumber-BASH!!!!!! Feb 9 @ 10:37am 
TF2 has been voted by PCgamer magazine as the best shooter in the world. plus, if it has has popularity for 7 years, it is good
WW1 fanatic XD Feb 9 @ 10:39am 
Im guessing 7 years xD
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