Boi Waifu 2014年6月24日下午12:47
Last YouTube video you watched?
What was the last video you watched?

Here's mine
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Littlefoot (已封禁) 2014年6月24日下午12:51 
This one, though it is music actually (and being that i watch youtube daily, it is certainly not the last i'll ever watch).
Started to listen to this song a lot recently, because it is played in of the best animated movies ever, The Land Before Time (such a nostalgic movie).
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Mikhail ⑨ 2014年6月24日下午12:54

Found a part of it on the L4D2 Workshop but i'm starting to like it
Tanner 2014年6月24日下午4:01

got 22 jump street stuck in my head
Paradox 2014年6月24日下午5:53 
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Paradox 2014年6月24日下午6:00 
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matnic_36 2014年6月25日上午8:13 
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