UpStream Tugboat Jun 9 @ 4:20pm
Got Into BF: Hardline. How Do I Play It Now?
So in origin the game is done downloading. I click play and of course brings me to battlelog. But theres no where after that to join a game. It just brings me to "Join The Beta!" or "Skip". Im already in the Beta so I click skip AND brings me to bf4 :/

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ONe_mOMENT Jun 9 @ 4:59pm 
its closed Beta, so did you get an email saying your in it?

If not you may want to check their forums. It may be that is only up on certain days.
iza :> Jun 9 @ 5:44pm 
Try with IE, had to do the same thing and then it worked.
UpStream Tugboat Jun 10 @ 9:26am 
never mind got it working the servers were just down xD
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