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Mr Moopsy May 27, 2014 @ 12:10pm
Elite Dangerous
Elite dangerous premium beta comes out the 30th!

Very excited and ready to try out the beta.
Recently overhauld my flight sim controls.
I would say I am just about ready to hit the stars!

Is anyone else going to be playing?
I want to form an armada of ships so we all dont have to fly alone.

Hardest part about these games. and most important.
Is getting a good group of people together to rule the galaxy with.
If that interests you I am organizing similar minded people together in a group

But share your hotas setups! Or however else you might be flying.

For those of you that have premium beta and have been doing alpha1.1
What are your thoughts so far?
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Mr Moopsy May 27, 2014 @ 12:11pm 
To expand on that OP and respond to my own questions. (hate an overly long sidetracked OP)

My setup is going to include thundermaster hotas with saitech pro pedals <3
Have not gotten the pedals in the mail yet. But I am loving the hotas.

Alpha 1.1 is good. My biggest complaints is that version does not recognise my hotas as two seperate controlers. I heard rumor this would be fixed or was already fixed though.

I also cant get my head tracking to work yet. Again, this is supposedly fixed. But I have to wait to find out.

Keyboard vs hotas. Missions felt near impossible with keyboard and mouse. Not to say not manageable. But the hotas feels much more intuitive and fluid to play with.

I have to say that in that alpha version. The incursion mission must be impossible. I get to that last ship and can barely scratch the thing. Any1 else had better luck?(the mission with seemingly endless waves)
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So Space Simulators are returning back big time :D
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