kermitslayer 2012年11月13日下午8:20
Upgrade help
getting this new pc as my laptop cant run any of my games just wondering if this pc is capable of playing GW2 and amra 2.
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rotNdude 2012年11月14日上午7:41 
It should play those games.
nroque 2012年11月14日下午12:10 
Yes, the only flaw is the cpu, try get a core i3 or i5.
Dell 2012年11月14日下午12:23 
get a quad core cpu
_I_ 2012年11月14日下午12:42 
nm, your in au
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IsSuEs 2012年11月14日下午2:15 or or check out barebone kits prices our great you just have to build the pc yourself.
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kermitslayer 2012年11月15日上午3:19 
i cant use websites like newegg and the ones you stated above as i live in australia there is no such thing as cheap here. but you get what you pay for
[☥] - CJ - 2012年11月15日上午4:50 
its decent enough so it'll do the trick.

just upgrade the CPU sometime to something better n ull be set.
If at some point you upgrade the GPU you may have to upgrade the PSU as well though as its only a 420w.
_I_ 2012年11月15日下午12:42 
the next build up is $750

you get a better cpu, quad 3.0ghz
slightly better gpu ati 7770
slightly better power supply 500w its thermaltake which is on the weak side

kermitslayer 2012年11月17日下午3:05 
yes thank you all i am aware of the higher grades but for now i dont have the money so im just going to upgrade in future with the gpu,cpu,psu and some other stuff
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