Kendroxide Jun 8, 2013 @ 10:13pm
Is this a virus, and what should I do
I did an antivirus scan of my computer with Norton and I get the following results:

heartbeat.dat contained threat Yontoo
heartbeat.dat (Yontoo) detected by Auto-Protect --> Status: Blocked
desktop.os.dll (Yontoo) detected by Auto-Protect --> Status: Blocked
desktop.os.plugin.dll (Yontoo) detected by Auto-Protect --> Status: Quarantined

What is Yontoo what what should I do about it? I noticed this about two days ago and now every time I start up my computer I get the same message from Norton.
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_I_ Jun 8, 2013 @ 11:16pm 
looks to be some form of malware

this guy had that and more

fix tips included
Boris Jun 15, 2013 @ 7:27pm 
Yontoo is an advertising medium, often installed alongside other products in a means similar to OpenCandy, though somewhat disguised (making it considered by many to be a Trojan or malware)

Although legitimate and generally harmless, Yontoo commonly considered as PUP as it can be annoying and intrusive in its activity and prevalence. It may be downloaded and installed unwittingly as part of a browser extension (BHO), a 'codec' for or web-video player, or a download-accelerator tool.

The best way to avoid such installations, is to disable addition of 3rd-party BHO, do not visit disreputable por no gr aphic websites (if there is such a thing as reeputable ones?) or download "codecs" and "web-player" tools from such since any videos should play fine in WMP, DivX, or VLC etc. without needing any external tool. Do not download executables, torrent files or such from disreputable websites or unsolicited file-sharing locations.
Generally, iobserve good browser security and habits and ensure any sites visited are given worthy security considerations with regards to active content, scripts and cookie handling.

Always read the T&C and Licenses and small print for any legitimate software installations and be aware of bundled software marked for installation.

Get recommended Firewall & Malware detection/removal/quarantining software and use it.

If you no longer wish to receive the adverts and browser re-direction from Yontoo, First, identify the software that co-installed alongside it and remove this.
stop and disable services, disable running processes, uninstall Yontoo, remove the registry entries relating to Yontoo and associates, delete all related files.
Check removal with a decent, up to date malware scan.
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