Deus Apr 13 @ 2:17pm my USB headset just broke...
...and I have no idea how to fix it. Unplugging and replugging does nothing to help, neither does switching the actual port. Whenever I speak, it comes out as puffs, static, or just nothingness. Please help!
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HBZK100 Apr 13 @ 2:39pm 
If it's broke, it's broke.
Deus Apr 13 @ 2:47pm 
Originally posted by BDK:
Stuff usually break eventually when it's being used :)
With a USB headset I would plug it in, hit the device manager, uninstall the headset driver, unplug the headset and plug it in again.

Other than that, I stay far away from USB headsets.

I tried this, yet the headset remains dead. I appreciate it though.
Deus Apr 13 @ 3:47pm 
I have a laptop, I'll try it with that.

Edit: On the laptop, it's still completely busted. :(
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Deus Apr 13 @ 5:13pm 
Ah, I've heard many positive things about that headset and I'm ordering them right now. Thanks :3
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Bad-Motha Apr 13 @ 8:01pm 
U never did say what your current headset is?
How old is it?
If not physically damaged, should be able to get it fixed/replaced under warranty.
Deus Apr 13 @ 8:18pm 
My current headset is Microsoft LifeChat 3000, it's about 6 months old and I've dropped and hit it quite a bit. I think I just broke it.
Bad-Motha Apr 13 @ 9:33pm 
Call Microsoft Tech Support, they will replace it. Just explain how all of a sudden it's not working.

If u end up getting a new one, get a USB one as these have their own Audio Codec Chip and Drivers. I would only suggest Analog headsets if u have a decent quality sound card, or u want to use it for other devices that use the analog connection.
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Deus Apr 13 @ 9:40pm 
Yeah, I'm getting another headset; it'll be easier to replace.
Bad-Motha Apr 13 @ 10:13pm 
Hmm ok, a better one would probably be a good idea, but again Microsoft could still replace it, not like u have to send them your old one.
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Deus Apr 13 @ 10:22pm 
Eh, yeah.
whitelight6 Apr 18 @ 8:22pm 
I have the same headset, and I would just try to get a new headset, if you can afford it. Otherwise, try to get it replaced.
[ROP]Jamebonds1^5 Apr 19 @ 10:09pm 
I wouldn't advice to get headset USB-based in future if your unable to replace it. Beyerdynamac headphone are high end and the better.
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