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Hey guys, this is just a discussion for chatting about your current build, what you're currenty building, PV ideas, reccomendations, etc. Anything ruoghly simular to PCs just post it here. And I will not answer any answres regarding PC issues, post a seperate question for that.
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festivus86 Mar 27, 2014 @ 7:44pm 

nah jk. i just finished working on my server case. i got an old 2008 alienware area51 from somone and turned it into a server. completely stripped the case down and decided to rebuild it from the bottom up. i bought some new usb ports and power buttons and installed them and i built a new front panel. i spent like 8 hours last weekend drilling holes for the usb ports and power button. i finally got it up and running but i still need to get my ide to sata converter so i can set up the lighting and i need to wire up the lights to my new power button.

i saw there was nothing in this post so i figured i would just spew some information
Lol, sounds like hard work. But must of saved a TON of money. Where did you happen to get the supplys for this from? Like the case and the and usb posts and power buttons and stuff like that? I dont really like Alienware. From what Ive seen the're unreliable, but that's just my opinion. I do like the design of their cases though. Real pretty. Liquid or fan-cooled?
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