Azza ☠ Mar 14 @ 9:32pm
What is your Windows Experience Index?
Start > Control Panel > System > Rating > Re-run the accessment

Processor: ??
Memory: ??
Graphics: ??
Gaming graphics: ??
Primary hard disk: ??

Operating System: ??

Just for interest, discovering some of your system bottlenecks, or brag about the about of money your blown away on your system! :)

The base score is determined by the system’s bottleneck score.

Also note down your Windows Operating System version. Win 7 limits it to 7.9 max. Since Windows 8, the scale ranges up to 9.9.

Mine is currently...

Processor: 7.7 (3rd Gen Ivy Bridge)
Memory: 7.7 (1600Mhz CL9)
Graphics: 7.9
Gaming graphics: 7.9 (GTX 780)
Primary hard disk: 7.9 (Western Digital Black Edition HDD + Samsung 840 Pro SSD)

Operating System: Win 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
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Shasow Mar 14 @ 9:44pm 
Processor: 7.6
Memory: 7.6
Graphics: 7.5
Gaming graphics: 7.5
Primary hard disk: 5.9

I think I win.

By the way, it's a good idea to refresh your score if you haven't done it in a while. Before, it showed my graphics score at 5.5, and today it's 7.5.
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Azza ☠ Mar 15 @ 10:22am 
^ WEI doesn't mean too much, so don't worry too much about it. It's not benchmarking your PC, but rather finding bottlenecks. Yeah, it's a good idea to refresh it and balance those values as much as possible. Your actually pretty good, with not much bottleneck.

Primary hard disk will be locked at 5.9 if just using a standard HDD, that can only be boosted if using a Solid State, Intel Smart Response, etc. I suggest just using a small 64-120GB SSD as cache on top of your HDD. You need to refresh after installing this as well, for Windows to learn to use T.R.I.M, etc, on the device.

For your memory, check under BIOS (F2 on boot or whatever it is for your motherboard) -> Memory -> Advance -> XMP Enabled (Profile selected). Lots of people miss this step, ensure XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) has been enabled. 1600Mhz with CL9 timing or less DDR3 (1.5v) memory is optimal for gaming purposes. Less can tend to bottleneck, but more doesn't show 1% performance increase towards games. If XMP hasn't been enabled however, they might run slower than optimal timing settings.
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Rubuck blocky hooves Mar 15 @ 10:59am 
Processor: 7.8 - Ivy bridge i7 3770k @ 4.20GHz

Memory: 7.8 - GSkill Ripjaws X

Graphics: 7.9
Gaming graphics: 7.9 - gtx 690

Primary hard disk: 7.9 - OCZ Vertex 240gb SSD

Windoze 7 Home premium

Base score: 7.8

I win.
Blue Falcon Mar 15 @ 11:19am 
I can't find this on Windows 8.1
Azza ☠ Mar 15 @ 11:45am 
@Rubik748 - Very nice beast you got there! For your Ripjaws X memory, what MHz and CL timing are they?

@Lance - Oh you're going to have lots of fun finding it on Win 8.1... Microsoft decide it would be an awesome idea to hide it from all the noobies or something... I don't know... What they where thinking... Umm well...

Step 1: Open a command prompt as administrator (Start > Type 'cmd.exe' and right click it - Run As Admin), then type "winsat prepop" and press Enter. This will run the benchmark and store the results on your PC as crappy XML files.

Step 2: Open the Windows Powershell as administrator (Start > Type 'PowerShell' and right click it - Run As Admin), then type "Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_WinSAT" and press Enter. This will analyze the results in the XML files, then present them as scores for each category.

CPUScore is the score for the processors on the PC.
D3DScore is the score for the 3D graphics capabilities of the PC.
DiskScore is the score for the sequential read throughput on the system hard disk.
GraphicsScore is the score for the graphics capabilities of the PC.
MemoryScore is the score for the memory throughput and capacity of the PC.

It's all crappy text based now and well hidden, have fun!
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NOISIΛ Mar 15 @ 2:04pm 
CPUScore : 8
D3DScore : 8.1
DiskScore : 7.45
GraphicsScore : 8.1
MemoryScore : 8
TimeTaken : MostRecentAssessment
WinSATAssessmentState : 1
WinSPRLevel : 7.45

it doesn't seem to take into account my SSD only my HDD
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Blue Falcon Mar 15 @ 2:32pm 
CPUScore: 7.8 i7 3630QM
D3DScore: 6.8
DiskScore: 5.9
GrphicsScore: 5 But i have a GTX 675M and it also have Intel HD 4000
MemoryScore: 7.8 12 GB
AlphaFourSeven Mar 15 @ 2:34pm 
SystemScore - 8.1
MemoryScore - 8.3
CpuScore - 8.3
CPUSubAggScore - 8.3
VideoEncodeScore - 8.4
GraphicsScore - 8.7
GamingScore - 8.7
DiskScore - 8.1
banzaigtv Mar 15 @ 5:06pm

Processor: 7.5
Memory: 7.5
Graphics: 7.9
Gaming Graphics: 7.9
Primary Hard Disk: 7.8

And no, my CPU is not bottlenecking my video card. lol
Rubuck blocky hooves Mar 15 @ 7:49pm 
Originally posted by Azza ☠:
@Rubik748 - Very nice beast you got there! For your Ripjaws X memory, what MHz and CL timing are they?

According to CPUz memory tab;

DRAM Freq - 1072.2MHz
FSB:DRAM - 1:8
CL - 9.0
tRCD - 11
tRP - 11
tRAS - 31
CR - 2T

I'm not really a fan of OCing, I just let the mainboard do it. And only using the K cpu because of trouble shooting another board with a non K 3770 cpu.
PowerHaus930 Mar 15 @ 8:14pm 
Processor: 7.5 - Phenom II x4 980 @ 4.0GHz
Memory: 7.6 - G.Skill ARES 1600MHz @ 8-8-8-24
Graphics: 7.9
Gaming Graphics: 7.9 - XFX DD 7950 Black Edition @ 950/1575
Primary Hard Disk: 7.9 - Corsair Force GT 90GB, WD Black 500GB, Samsung Spinpoint F1 500GB
Bad-Motha Mar 15 @ 11:33pm 
FYI, WEI disk score is only taking into account the drive used for the OS drive (i.e. C drive)
So other secondary disks won't matter in this scoring.

If you find you are not getting a score above 7.5 or so when using an SSD under Win8/8.1, this is because u can't compare Win7 and Win8 scores simply by their # value, as Win8/8.1 scoring was designed with higher performance hardware in mind. So on the same hardware you might get a 7.9 disk score for SSD usage under Vista/Win7, while only getting a 7.45 under Win8/8.1
abedsbrother Mar 16 @ 12:15am 
Windows 7 x64.
Processor - 7.3 (AMD A10 6800k @4.1 Ghz)
Memory - 7.3 (Corsair @1600 mhz)
Graphics - 7.8
Gaming Graphics - 7.8 (Radeon R7 260X, ASUS overclocked edition)
Primary hard disk - 7.7 (Kingston SSDNow 200 series ssd)
Bad-Motha Mar 16 @ 12:20am 
OS: Win7 x64
Processor: 7.5 (AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 4.1GHz)
Memory: 7.7 (Corsair Vengeance 1866MHz @ 8-8-8-24-39-2T)
Graphics: 7.9
Gaming Graphics: 7.9 (GTX 760 2GB)
Primary Hard Disk: 7.9 (Corsair Force GT 240GB)
groug Mar 16 @ 3:26am 
Windows 7 32 bits

Processor: 7,5 (Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz)
Memory 7,5
Graphics: 7,8
Gaming Graphics: 7,8 (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti)
Primary Hard Disk: 7,6
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