lr03 Mar 7, 2014 @ 11:49am
Are the APU A6-5350M/Radeon HD 8450G Good for gaming?
The spec are:
AMD APU A6-5350M Dual-Core (2.9 ghz with turbo up to 3.5)
AMD Radeon HD 8450G
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lr03 Mar 7, 2014 @ 11:56am 
I'm not going to be playing any intense games. Crysis 3 and Titanfall are out of the question. I mean more like Black Mesa, HL Series, Portal 2, TF2, and Dream.

I also don't need the graphics set on High. As long as it dosen't look horrible I'm ok.
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lr03 Mar 7, 2014 @ 12:36pm 
I'm able to run all of these games (except Dream because I haven't attempted it yet) on my current 7 year old laptop with a 2 ghz dual core processor, Nvidia 64mb integrated graphics card, and 3 GB of RAM. I don't understand. Why wouldn't it run on the newer laptop with higher specs? I'm just looking to play these games without all of the bells and whistles turned off.
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Agnes Washington Mar 7, 2014 @ 12:44pm 
You can play those gams whith AMD APU like 7850K which is the new APU and whith high speed rams there will be no problems at all in those games.
lr03 Mar 7, 2014 @ 12:57pm 
Can I play them on medium to high with the specs listed above?
All of the games I currently play, and would like to play in the future are [in no specific order]:
1) Black Mesa
2) HL Series
3) Portal 1 & 2
4) TF2
5) Dream
6) Sonic Generations
8) Warframe
9) Dota
10) Moonbase Alpha
11) Warthunder
12) Hawken
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Agnes Washington Mar 7, 2014 @ 1:06pm 
You can read this article to get better information about this APU,3725.html
And yes i think you can run all of them maybe dota could lag a bit at highest.
lr03 Mar 7, 2014 @ 2:37pm 
great, thanks! What about the GPU? Will that play those games? If it can, then the APU A6-5350M/Radeon HD 8450G Laptop sound like a good investment for my gaming needs.
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lr03 Mar 8, 2014 @ 9:33am 
Thank you guys for your help so far. I just have one last question. Will the APU A6-5350M/Radeon HD 8450G combo be able to at least smoothly run most of the game I listed? (I can deal with low settings for the more demanding ones)
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lr03 Mar 8, 2014 @ 1:01pm 
Yeah, I can't push my budget any farther than $320. That was already way above my initial expectations. I just want something that can play the games I already own and do day-to-day tasks. If I am going to do any next-gen gaming, then its going to be on an Xbox One/PS4 (which won't be for several years due to my limited budget.) If the AMD powered computer can play the 12 games above, I'm good.
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lr03 Mar 9, 2014 @ 5:19am 
I appreciate that. Thank you for your help.
Is gamedebate a good indicator if a pc can handle a game? I checked my specs with the games on gamedebate and it said I could run most of them on high, while others were on low to GD adjusted.
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husky (Banned) Mar 10, 2014 @ 8:46am 
I think you schould be ok with the games you mentioned- I just built a A10 6800 k but I havent tested it yet so I cant say for sure yes you will max these games or they will suck!..... My general advice would be if your Apu cant pust the Frames maybe pick-up a smaller resolution Monitor? ........ Ive ran my old system with crossfired Radeon 6570s but my Resolution was 1366x768 and I was getting 60-70 fps in Crysis 2-a very demanding game! If you have a 1920x1080 monitor which is considered full-Hd then maybe your Apu might start to struggle a bit?- More pixles to push means less fps. You gotta make some kind of sacrifice when your building on a budget ya know>?
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