Jhemp12 2月9日 4時01分
gtx 770 sli or gtx 780ti?
Im about to upgrade my sapphire 7870ghz edition and my choices are two gtx 770 in sli or a single gtx 780 ti..How would sli 770's stack up against a 780ti?If I buy the 780 ti I may buy another 780 ti later down the road but the 800 series will be out by then and im not sure if it would be worth it.
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Tris125's Laptop 2月9日 5時18分 
I'd go for the 780ti as it will draw less power, produce less heat, and less noise. Then you have the option of adding another in the future as you say. Also not all games support SLI well and in that case you'd have to disable it leaving you with one 770 playing that game, which obviously will yield less performance than a 780ti. Scaling issues can be seen sometimes too.

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Bulldogs 2月9日 5時31分 
I agree, whilst on some benchmarks and games you would get better fps, you might run into one fo the many caveats that SLi and crossfire entail.

If you are not running more than a single monitor atm i would also stick to only getting a single 780ti or 770 for now they perform really well in comparison.

Save the money and invest it in to the 8xx series when it arrives for desktop.
time goblin 2月9日 6時15分 
i would just buy another 7870 second hand, and wait for the 20nm 800 series.
Jhemp12 2月9日 20時42分 
I went with the gtx 780 ti..I'll just pick up another one when maxwell comes out and the 780 ti prices go down..I would have perfered a amd card but cryptocurrency miners have destroyed the value of those cards by driving the prices 200 dollar above msrp.
zooM 2月10日 2時56分 
780ti has a better efficiency
Token 2月13日 11時46分 
Good choice, and whether you prefer AMD or not Nvidia's driver support will hopefully serve you well.
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