MASTAMIND 2014年2月9日 0時55分
is dual channel ram worth it for an apu?
im getting a new a8 5600k and i wondered if dual channel ram would make it run faster for games. the ram speed is 1886 mhz.
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TeKraken 2014年2月9日 1時13分 
What ram configuration do you have at the moment?

Dual channel usually relates to the motherboard not the ram, a pair of matching RAM will run in dual channel mode - if your motherboard supports it.
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MASTAMIND 2014年2月9日 1時20分 
i havent built the pc yet but it supports dual channel, i was gonna go with 2x4 gb but i might save money on a 1x 8gb stick
[☥] - CJ - 2014年2月9日 1時45分 
Dual Channel and DDR3 @ 1600 or higher helps with performance on APUs. so yes its worth it.
MASTAMIND 2014年2月9日 1時48分 
k thanks
TeKraken 2014年2月9日 1時50分 
Yes I would spend on the matched sticks.

Have you read up on what speed is best for your APU?
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MASTAMIND 2014年2月9日 1時54分 
im just going on what speed people said on pcpartpicker

thanks for your help im gonna buy dual channel :D
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_I_ 2014年2月9日 2時59分 
if your using the gpu on the gpu then yes it is
aim for 1600 cl8 or 1866 cl9 or faster if you can
Wicked 2014年2月9日 4時47分 
I think 1866mhz is the sweet spot for performance on APU's.
I would get 2x4gb 1866 or 1600, whatever you can afford :)
MASTAMIND 2014年2月9日 5時15分 
im gonna go 2x4 1886 :D
time goblin 2014年2月9日 6時16分 
any reason for getting the older 5600k when you can get the kaveri for nearly the same money?
Rove 2014年2月9日 6時23分 
yes 2 sticks for a APU since it's integrated GPU will need to use the RAM from the system.
MASTAMIND 2014年2月9日 6時32分 
yeh i think i might get a a8 6600k its only £5 more
Rove 2014年2月9日 6時41分 
Just so you know even though the A10 APU's CPU clockspeed is not much different they do have a lot better integrated graphics processor. Even the A10 5800K has bettter graphics than the A8 6600K just so you know.

So it might be worth it to get a A10 if you plan on using the integrated graphics for gaming.

Check this out:

Compare the A8 5600K vs the A10 5800K in GPU GFLOPS. As you will see the A8 does only 389 GFLOPS while the A10 can do up to 614 GFLOPS. It is similar in the 6000 series APUs also.
MASTAMIND 2014年2月9日 7時21分 
im just getting the a8 to have for a few months before i buy a dedicated gpu
_I_ 2014年2月9日 9時00分 
Tywin Lannister の投稿を引用:
im gonna go 2x4 1886 :D
just make sure it has low timings
cl10+ will be slower than 1600 cl8
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