dunadan Nov 23, 2012 @ 2:47pm
Steam should give us more control over our library
As I now have around, 250, 400 individual games linked to my Steam account, I find my library to be cluttered and impractical as Steam doesn't provide the proper features to organize it a minimum.

So if I may here are a few suggestions roughly by order of importance.

-Renamable categories
-Sub categories
-A game dump feature so you can hide unwanted content
-An option limited to the Library to edit the titles of our games
-A lock option to keep the games in the order we choose
-Clearer indication of the DLCs we own and those we don't
-A possibility to disable/enable DLCs

I really wish Valve could take into account some of those ideas. It really is the bare minimum to make our growing libraries managable.

Feel free to comment and bring up new ideas. :)
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