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ﻹMedica Farrentraღ 1 fév 2013 à 10h18
Petion To Resuect /me
Please sign to bring /me back to new light! I'm not saying just to throw it back in I know that Valve has had problems with scammers and such. I want to throw out this idea to bring it back safely, and if they already had plans to bring it back I would like to know.


1. Set default to all accounts so /me is off.
2. Insert the option to permanently turn on /me in the settings area for steam and turn it off if they so choose.
3. For those people that need warning labels put on a first time warning label for turning on /me with pictures or a description or just both.
4. Everyone's happy :D
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ianskate 1 fév 2013 à 10h27 
There are already quite a few topics about this, one in a better place, feel free to join in the discussion here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SteamClientBeta/discussions/1/864958451235688241/
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