CodeSculptor 2013年1月27日上午3:53
Games library labeling

As my games library becomes bigger and bigger I have a suggestion. Could you give us the ability to label games and view them by labels (such like in GMail)? Now I can only distinguish installed games from uninstalled, but it would be marvellous to be able to label game as finished (to be honest I don't thing I'll go back to some finished single player titles, so I don't want to have them on my list on daily basis). If I would be able to label those games as finished and get a view where I'll set to not display games with this label - problem solved! I think labelling is a great idea, because it gives users limitless opportunity to organize library in their own way. Do you like this idea?
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ActFolant 2013年1月27日上午4:00 
Create a catagory.
Put games you're playing/plan to play inside this catagory.
When you're done with the game, take it out of the catagory.
CodeSculptor 2013年1月27日上午8:30 
I don't see any way how can I create a category. Can you point where it is?
ActFolant 2013年1月27日下午1:16 
Right click a game in your library and choose "Set catagory". On the window that pops up you'll have options to create a new one.
CodeSculptor 2013年2月1日下午1:07 
This is just what I'm looking for. Thank you!
Yeah, it's a handy feature. I love it :D
TxLast 2013年2月2日上午3:44 
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TxLast 2013年2月2日上午3:49 
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