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Live game reviews
I had an idea while asking a friend of mine about the new thief game to see what it was like, he was fairly new to it ( only completeling the tutorial so couldnt comment too much which lead me to thinking itll be nice to speak to someone who is or has actually played the game thus this idea was spawned.

Live reviews from my inital thought are a system done so once youve a certain amount of hours game play, and have signed up to this system you can give people a review of the game person to person ( based on language choice ) when you are logged on to the " live reviews " substeam program. ( an activate-able panel like the friends list ).

This would allow potential buyers, to ask people who have acutally played the game person to person what its like, instead of short ( more often than not ) bias reviews ( we all know games are often given good reviews to keep the business comming in the door when the game is horrific )

This " program" could easily be expanded to cover other aspects, such as ingame help ( stuck on certain bosses or puzzles etc ) again done for people in certain countries who voluntarily sign up to this service when online.

Again possibly further expanded for early access games for devs to be online for testers.owners to speak to on a person to person basis etc, i feel this could have far reaching potential.

BUT ! back to the original point.

Does this sound like something people would use if implimented?
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Spawn of Totoro Mar 8, 2014 @ 6:58pm

I do believe something like this already exists, though not specifically intended as such.
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Or just go to the forum and make a post ._.
If people can't be bothered to stick around in game group chats, what makes you think they'll bother with a "live review system."

You're better off just joining active group chats and asking people's opinion there. Of course posting questions in the relevant game forums is always a good idea.

Also reviews and opinion are impossible to be un-bias by nature.
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Black Blade Mar 9, 2014 @ 4:43am 
I do not think many will use it.. i mean you may have a few using it on the helping side.. but how long will one stick when you will have 10000 guys asking him "hi how i pass these puzzle..." and he needs to replay "awww.. that is not a puzzle there is a door right over there" "o thanks" few moments later " how i open the door i do not remember what to press"

And trolls lets not forget them...

And if you really want these well most of us can just look on YouTube... most hard how to pass boss are there and you also have reviews... some even replay to your comments if you ask them any thing....
And best of all these means the user dose not need to sit there half a day saying the same thing over and over
ReBoot Mar 9, 2014 @ 6:26am 
Originally posted by Τhe Rolling Ham Cheese:
Or just go to the forum and make a post ._.
I thought the same. If you want to ask random strangers, do that in the forum.
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