KGB Bunny Feb 9, 2014 @ 8:26pm
Have pop up notifactions for trade offers
Under the notification and sounds settings, it would be really nice to have the option to make it so you get a pop up notification and/or a sound notification when you receive a trade offer. I don't think it would take much effort to implement such a feature.
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Social Commander Feb 10, 2014 @ 1:49am 
This would be great when implemented! +1
Social Commander Feb 11, 2014 @ 3:22am 
Okay, so since nobody is replying to this important topic, I'd like to ask if there is a software (accepted by steam thus legal) which does the things mentiond by the OP.

I appreciate your help,
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Date Posted: Feb 9, 2014 @ 8:26pm
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