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Steam Big Picture: Suggestion/Ideas
Steam Big Picture: Suggestion/Ideas

*Spoiler is a idea that is not even in Steam
** is maybe a bug

In Main
  • Put a default music icon next to setting icon, much easiler to access music library.
  • Put an animated music icon when music is playing. Easy to notice music is playing and easier to access music player.
  • When music notification pop-up down right side, enable to click the notification to open music player.
  • Add wishlist tab next to profile picture or under.

In Friends
  • Able to change your status by click the status next to the profile picture.
  • Able to invite or create the group chat.

In Store
  • Put a title on top of the list of feature games. Ex "Featured Games". When first time look at the list of games, it's very easy confuse.
  • Able to put games on wishlist.

In Library
  • Able to scroll the list of musics,games and screenshots by click and drag. It's frustrating to navigate the materials by clicking the next buttons.
  • Able to scroll the whole list with mouse wheel, not a single object. It's slow and inefficient to scroll the game one by one.
  • Give an option to choose scroll down or side ways. Some people likes to scroll up and down.
  • Recently Played: put 5 games, it's not necessary to put more than 15 list of games.

In Musics
  • In music player able to scroll the music time.
  • In music player add music stop button, not a pause.
  • In music player switch the place of music tab and system tab.
  • **In music library steam crashes when scroll the list with mouse wheel. (Maybe because of a lot of music)

In Screenshots
    When it's full screened:
  • Put next buttons right/left side
  • Able to scroll different images by click and drag
  • Able to zoom in/out with mouse wheel

Thank you for reading and please share your thoughts.
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Fox Aug 21, 2014 @ 7:13pm 
Originally posted by VnC:
Steam Big Picture: Suggestion/Ideas
You may have wished to go there, as it'd have a better chance to be seen.

EDIT : Glitched quote with nested formatting.
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