RowdyGowdy 31 okt 2012 om 3:21nm
"Corrupt Game Files" and "CrashHandler.dll" errors ... help?
The updater crashes, It doesn't detect installed games, and CrashHandler.dll is buggy.
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Satoru 31 okt 2012 om 3:44nm 
Note the big avg warning in the upper right?

It's a false positive because AVG is terrible.
RowdyGowdy 1 nov 2012 om 6:50vm 
Interesting, ever since that error appeared Arma 2 in Steam has been buggy:

It says "The game is currently unavailable ( Corrupt game files )" error message.
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Kiya 1 nov 2012 om 7:06vm 
AVG may be deleting/quarantining files that it thinks are a threat, or simply refusing to allow them to download. I would suggest uninstalling it and installing Microsoft Security Essentials[] instead, it is free and is better security all round.

Then right click on the games that you have had problems with, select properties, and in the local files tab select Verify integrity of game cache - that should replace any damaged/removed files.

It would probably also be a good idea to refresh your Steam files
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Satoru 1 nov 2012 om 7:35vm 
At this point assume AVG has totally screwed up your games and Steam. Do the following

1) Uninstall AVG
2) Reboot
3) Install MS Security Essential
4) Reboot

Then go to the meat of the problem

1) Delete everything EXECEPT the steam.exe and steamapps folder. DO NOT delete the steamapps folder because that has all your games in it.
2) Verify the cache on any games you feel have issue (ARMA2 in your case)
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