IskaPL 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 10:23am
Unable to add the gift to your game library.
I just got gift but i cant use it.
Any ideas? It hasnt beed redeemed
Sorry, an error has occurred:

Unable to add the gift to your game library. The gift may have already been redeemed. Please try again later.
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Satoru 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 10:30am 
Ask whoever gave you the gift. Users can revoke gifts so whoever gifted it to you may have revoked it.
ButchShlong 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 10:34am 
i just sent a game to a friend and the same thing happened must be a technical problem with steam...all the other gifts i did yesterday where fine..i must add that when i check my gift history it says he redeemed it
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fueledbyhate32 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 10:46am 
yeah. my friend sent me a game today and it messed up the same way also. i hope its just steam and they will fix it later today lol
Joffrey Baratheon 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 10:58am 
Same here.
Goatshrine 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 11:10am 
Same problem here, and we just bought a 4-pack to play a LAN Game :( Buhu!
ButchShlong 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 11:12am 
come on steam sort it out
BART 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 11:14am 
meme probléme
Nono 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 11:24am 
I have the same problem !
seven7tars 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 11:26am 
same problem here
Dimios 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 11:46am 
Gifted games to 2 friends of mine and the same thing happened. Apparently it is a general steam error and will be sorted out soon
Hagur 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 11:50am 
i got the problem too :(
[WHN] Mr.Klaus 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 11:57am 
Gleiches Problem in Deutschland. Bekommt das in Griff Leute
[WHN] Tante_Käthe(Himself) 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 11:58am 
Same problem here fix it fast!
MagicM 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 11:59am 
same problem
DatonKallandor 23 ต.ค. 2012 @ 12:02pm 
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