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How To: Get Help & Tips!
Are you looking for help? Here's how to get the fastest response!

First, take a look at this:


Have a Steam account or billing issue?

If so, please contact Steam Support. Posting here will not help resolve these problems. Do not post support ticket numbers, or other sensitive information.

How to post in Help & Tips
  • Create a unique thread title, such as "HL2 won't launch." Posting "HELP!" won't be as effective.
  • Provide details describing exactly what the problem is, as well as where, when, and how. If applicable, include screenshots and system specs.

Looking for help with a specific game?
  • Before posting here, search the list of Game Hubs. Each game has its own discussion area which may be better suited to resolve your problem.

General Guidelines
  • If you're unsure about where to ask for help, this forum will typically work.
  • Remember: Be detailed, descriptive, and try to get all points across within the first post.

Do you speak French, German, Portuguese or Russian?
There are specific forums for these languages, see the main discussion index, or click the above links.

Note: Always read the Discussion Rules before posting.
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