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i1023404 Jul 1, 2013 @ 1:54pm
This guy is a scammer/hacker. He has hacked my account and I am currently fighting to get it back. I am just sending out a warning.
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Frawzs Jul 1, 2013 @ 1:57pm 
Do NOT name & shame people on the forums. You have no evidence that it was them and any "evidence" you do provide to us will be thrown out because you could have easily faked it.

You'll need to contact Steam Support regarding this as only they have the full details of what happened on the Steam servers with this incident.
i1023404 Jul 1, 2013 @ 1:59pm 
I have not faked it. I have proof that my account is stolen, he has spent £112.93 on my account and have stolen my e-mail and password. I have accessed the browser through my previous password being saved onto the browser. Steam Support aren't doing anything to help.
Frawzs Jul 1, 2013 @ 2:08pm 
Originally posted by i1023404:
I have proof that my account is stolen
Originally posted by FrazerJC:
any "evidence" you do provide to us will be thrown out because you could have easily faked it.
"COULD have faked" being the key section. You saying otherwise doesn't make it certain to everyone else.

If he has spent £112.93 on your account as well as gaining access to your e-mail password, I can't help but feel you had a gross lapse of internet security on your end, be it some malicious program or you entering your details into a phishing website.

Steam Support will usually take between 1-5 working days to respond to your ticket. Tickets are answered in the order they are received. While there are Support Staff working during weekends, there are obviously less than during weekdays. Because your ticket has gone over a weekend, you may find your ticket answer taking a little longer expected.

To ensure Steam Support can help you as much as possible as quickly as possible, please make sure you provide proof of ownership for your Steam Account. Accepted forms of proof are outlined in this Steam Support article:
Silicon Vampire Jul 1, 2013 @ 2:09pm 
Do not post others account info in these forums. We have no way to verify anything, unlike the people that can help you: Support.
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