abidst 2013年6月3日 16時23分
need help to play on steam
Hi Everyone,

I am new in steam, and i really have no idea how to play online on steam with others. Can some please show me the way step by step. that will be a great help.
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Microwave [DF] 2013年6月3日 16時49分 
What game ?
abidst 2013年6月3日 16時58分 
borderland 2
Kiya 2013年6月3日 17時06分 
Try looking or asking for other gamers who want to play with you in the Borderlands 2 discussion forum -> http://steamcommunity.com/app/49520/discussions/

You could also join the official borderlands 2 group -> http://steamcommunity.com/games/49520 - go into the group chat and see if there is anyone in there who wants to play with you.
αηті™ 2013年6月3日 17時41分 
First get people who actually want to play you in Borderlands 2, then open up the game and select the online play mode and you can play with them
[E] AKCKVTDN 2013年6月3日 17時52分 
abidst 2013年6月3日 18時10分 
Thanks all of you
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