Left4lynch 2013. máj. 30. @ de. 10:28
After Name Change nobody finds me.
Hey everybody, after i have changed my profil and ingame name to Left4lynch nobody finds me when he want to add me as a new friend in the friends list, i mean nobody can find me in the search list. anyone have an idea ? sorry for my bad english.
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FrazerJC 2013. máj. 30. @ de. 10:30 
You're showing up for me when I use the search bar on the Friend Activity page (the lower search bar that is just for searching friends, not friends and groups).
Left4lynch 2013. jún. 3. @ du. 5:02 
Thx for the answer, i hope when others search for me they will see me too :)
[Ӻ.ɧ] Shardzy 2013. jún. 3. @ du. 5:56 
Try changing your name back to waht it was originally, but keep your profile pic. Somebody should be able to recognize you by that.
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