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How to Fix Steam Needs to Be Online to Update 2013
Please read all of this.

Ok, this problem has caused many people a great deal of trouble, myself included, so here is the solution I found that fixed the problem for me and I hope will do the same for you if you haven't already found a solution.

This shouldn't be too complicated, even if it seems like it at first, mostly just a bit of file moving and downloading.

I'm not sure if you need the updates that came before this recent one for this to work or if they are already included in the folder I will mention later, but it may help to have a backup of Steam with all of the previous updates in except this recent troublesome one.

I tried going into Steam TWICE and it worked for me after this.

First, make sure Steam is NOT running, then go here...

...on one of the last 3 pages I believe is the link to download the zip file, it is around 199 MB give or take I believe, but will be bigger unzipped of course.(If CoolMan has put up a new download with just the package folder you need from the original zip, possibly in a zip itself, then it may be smaller, and on a different forum page or post.)

Second, after you download the zip file, unzip that entire Steam folder inside of the zip to your desktop...

...go into the folder and cut and paste the package folder inside there to your desktop, you can now delete the Steam folder from your desktop that you had unzipped...

...go to your Steam folder on your drive that you use for gaming, mine for instance is...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam

...Now delete AppUpdateStats.blob, AppUpdateStats.blobold, and a folder named package if they are in your Steam folder already, if they are not there you don't need to delete them then xD ...

...cut and paste the package folder on your desktop into your Steam folder.

Third, when you are ready click the Steam.exe file...

...okay, this might be a little tricky to explain, because as of typing this I'm trying to figure out how to word it in a sensible and not so insane asylum wall scratches way...

...When you have clicked the Steam.exe I forget if you have to log on manually either before this next stuff I'm going to mention or after this next stuff, but you probably will have to log on either way and you SHOULD see the log in menu at some point I believe...

...Now you MAY or MAY NOT see what is going on when Steam installs the updates, DON'T end task unless you have waited a good while for it to work as I'm not sure if it will corrupt the install, but Steam should be running it's processes regardless even if you can't see it and once you can log in or it goes into Steam itself(like the game library or whatever) whichever comes first you should be able to see it again just be patient and do something else if you need...

...This has happened before to me and I guess others even before this update problem, being unable to bring up steam while it is running because for some reason the tab on the taskbar has vanished and when you try to use the Steam.exe it says only one instance of Steam can run at a time...

...If you can see it and it doesn't disappear the install of the new update SHOULD be in the white box that the update we all couldn't get was in, unless possibly your Steam folder was missing any updates that came before this one I guess...

...Let me say that at this point Steam SHOULD be fixed if this is running as long as you don't end task during the install even if you can't see it, so if you get the usual grey box that says Steam could not connect to the network after these things, that is, errr the usual error box we all get from time to time when trying to log on, just close it, make sure Steam and/or Steamerrorreporter are not running after, then click Steam.exe again...

It SHOULD be visible this time even if it wasn't before, should try to install again possibly but shouldn't be corrupted IF you only closed it after a grey boxed could not connect error, and you should be able to get into Steam now with the update applied. If you get the same grey boxed error about not connecting, just keep trying and also allow all the needed Steam files in your firewall, but this is NOT the same problem we had before with the update, it should just be the usual server load or random glitch or whatever else causing it *cough* the usual Steam *cough*, restart your computer and/or reconnect if you need to, etc. etc. Welcome to the world of technology.

Fourth, the reason I put this up is because I don't think CoolManOfSTM knew you only needed the package folder. I didn't find out until I experimented with it. Actually, putting in ALL those files except for userdata and steamapps which are not included in the zip anyway as they are user specific, would have been possibly bad, because when I put all those folders and files in and went to the log on screen it asked me to allow the new computer I was installing my Steam stuff on to be part of my account, to which I said NO DUDE and went to fiddlin', because I didn't want a potential connection to someone elses computer in my Steam account...

...I don't think CoolMan meant any harm he just didn't know about that problem, and I appreciate him putting this stuff up. I can't log into the site I mentioned up above as part of the steps to inform him and others of this, because apparently I have to make an account for the "old forum", so, "Would you, kindly", post this whole thing at...

...Either at the end of that thread or it's own post.

CoolMan, if you change the file please make addendums or whatever to the parts that mention about the original zip file so it doesn't confuse people or anything else that needs changing, I didn't know how else to word it without making it all confusing(possibly moreso than it is).

In closing...THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! ^________________________^
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★Mendis★ Mar 7, 2013 @ 4:07am 
Ignore alya141279, they didn't post this on the other forum. Although it may sound prudish I found it's comment kinda weird so I looked at it's posts and I think it is a fail troll...or just an annoying person, same difference. Here are the translations of it's posts that seem to be made randomly that don't seem to have any meaning to the post they were made on. Sorry if I'm wrong...

"I do not know add me as a friend ca be friends!"

"Who will chromosomal sex!"

ceroberoz Mar 7, 2013 @ 6:51am 
thanks, the registry and services method (not to mention about *cough* reinstall *cough* it) not work on me.
will try coolman method, hope it helps until the official fix from steam fixed the problems.
Chico Choker Mar 7, 2013 @ 8:13am 
Go to uninstall Steam in control panal, but click 'Repair' instead. Worked for me.
ceroberoz Mar 7, 2013 @ 9:00am 
*UPDATE* tried coolman tips, it works!
Originally posted by ceroberoz:
*UPDATE* tried coolman tips, it works!

Glad it all worked out. =)
bronko17 Mar 11, 2013 @ 4:36pm 
Hello! Maybe that helps here, it has helped me. If you're connected to the internet via wifi and your wireless adapter has ralink chip, so uninstall the current driver was installed with the last Windows update. He is broken and makes these problems with steam. Install an older driver and then everything works again.
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