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On 18th of September this user added me to friends, and sent me a trade offer, trying to scam me.
User: <snip>
Screenshot: <snip>

At that moment I had no idea how the new offer system worked, and suspecting that this user was trying to scam me, I asked a friend for help. I tried to do a similar trade, and when I noticed that the message was written by the user, I cancelled the trade and deleted that user that tried to scam me.

My friend profile: <snip>
The trade I tested with him: <snip>

The next day I find out that I'm banned from trading for 20 years (!), and all my items are gone. I then tried to contact with Steam Support, and after several times they won't give me an explanation of why I am banned, they just keep sending me the same message every time.

If anyone know what can I do to recover my items or trade priviledges, I would be very grateful.

This is the message Steam Support sent me every time I contacted them. It is in spanish, and in short it just says "You are banned for trading scam".

Tu cuenta ha sido reportada por acciones relativas a engaños en los intercambios. Por tanto, hemos eliminado todos los objetos y regalos obtenidos de forma ilegítima. No recuperarás ninguno de estos objetos.

Tus privilegios de intercambio se han suspendido de forma permanente. Tenemos una política de tolerancia cero con los intentos de engaño.

Además, Valve se reserva el derecho de comunicar el asunto a las autoridades pertinentes si dichas actividades persisten.
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Silver Mountain Oct 27, 2013 @ 5:38am 
Don't name and shame, and all you can do is to contact Steam support.
Felix Oct 27, 2013 @ 6:21am 
Please do not name and shame people on the forums.

Instead, report the user via the "Report Violation" link on their Steam Profile or via Steam Support.
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