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jtpowell162 Feb 16, 2014 @ 10:52pm
Free Weekend
Why would I spend an hour or more downloading a game to try it out if it costs only a couple bucks to buy? I'm much more likely to purchase a heavily discounted game that sounds interesting and already has a fan base and THEN down-load it than waste my time (and hd space) on an "iffy" title despite its low cost.

Suggestion: "Free Weekends" should be reserved for full-price or new games that lack the lure of steep discounts or an established fan base. This would serve the purpose of a demo and spur the sales of new games at their release price.

Just sayin'...
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Canti Feb 16, 2014 @ 11:00pm 
Originally posted by jtpowell162:
Why would I spend an hour or more downloading a game to try it out if it costs only a couple bucks to buy?

1) For some people, it's not an option to buy a game on impulse.

2) Some people would prefer to try something before they buy it.

3) Not everyone has slow Internet.
The Web Doctor Feb 16, 2014 @ 11:28pm 
You should know that free weekend isn't just for you. Free weekend is a very helpful feature and marketing tool for example, I personally love free weekend because it has saved me from buying games that are completely horrible. One of the most recent ones was Saints Row IV I about to buy it when I noticed it was on Steam Free Weekend. I wanted to try the game to see if I would like it so I installed it and played around with it for a few hours. I hated the game as it was very boring and not fun at all because I was overpowered. So I bought Saints Row: The Third instead because I played it on Play Station 3, I was a peasant back than, and loved it but never got a chance to finish it (I've still haven't finish it but plan on going too). My point is when making these silly rants try to think about the other customers and not yourself.
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Kargor Feb 17, 2014 @ 1:10am 
Personally, I try to not get into the habit of just buying everything "because it's cheap". I'm a bit more 'generous' with bundles, but even there -- if it doesn't at least offer something that I'm actually interested in, I'm not getting it.

As far as free weekends go: I did download a free weekend once, tried it out, decided that I like the game, and bought it ("Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed". Turned out to be too hard for me to complete, but it wasn't too bad).
In another case I downloaded a free weekend, tried it out, and didn't get along with the game ("Awesomenauts").

In other cases I already had the game anyway. Or I knew that I wouldn't buy it. Or that I'm interested, but won't buy now anyway.

In general, though, it's the same as always: if I'm not interested in a free weekend, someone else might still be.
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