what games should i get next?
I have been playing on steam for years now. want to know what games people think are good. thank you for your reply! :3
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Sneaky (im not) Feb 14, 2013 @ 11:58am 
depends wot games you like dos,nt it?
rad87gn Feb 14, 2013 @ 12:21pm 
You have great games in your inventory that you haven't even played yet. Example Red Faction, Metro 2033, and Saints Row 3.
The Perfectionist Feb 15, 2013 @ 5:46am 
for some reason most games do not work on my window 8 laptop
Felix Feb 15, 2013 @ 5:49am 
Originally posted by spenc-hunt-16:
for some reason most games do not work on my window 8 laptop
Probably because you are running Intel Integrated graphics.
The Perfectionist Feb 15, 2013 @ 5:55am 
How do i change that?
Felix Feb 15, 2013 @ 5:58am 
Originally posted by spenc-hunt-16:
How do i change that?
You can't in a laptop.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Penumbra series
Killing Floor
Beat Hazard
Borderlands/Borderlands 2
Alan Wake
Legend of Grimrock
Dark Messiah Might and Magic
Left 4 Dead 1 & 2

That ought to keep you busy for a while.
BenWah Feb 15, 2013 @ 10:11am 
Aquaria is on sale now with the linux games sale, this game hasn't been on sale in YEARS.

It's probably the best independent game ever made.
$miley Dec 3, 2015 @ 4:29pm 
BioShok 2
Black Ops 3 Season Pass (if is count :D )
Alien: Isolation
moistly harmless Dec 3, 2015 @ 4:39pm 
Almost 3 year necro? Damn...
Wow, today's like, necro day or something.

Anyway, Intel integrated can run quite a few things...though that would have been a different Integrated card 3 years ago. Some stuff that that card couldn't run, a standard integrated card these days can.
z3dog Dec 3, 2015 @ 7:09pm 
Holy wow, what a necro. How did you even find it?
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