SteamVR Failed Initialization Error 119
Sometimes when I come out of VR I will have a dialog box on my screen:

VR - SteamVR Failed Initialization!
VR - Error! SteamVR failed initialization with error code:
VRInitError_Init_ShuttingDown "VR system shutting down (119)"

(OK button)

It has never really caused me a problem that I know of so I never brought it up, but some of us are having trouble on Vive with grey-outs and loss of tracking recently and now I wonder if maybe it is related.

I think this started about the time that Steam introduced that new Home Room or whatever it is called. I just assumed the problem was due to that because it seems like with some of the games, the new "room" broke the traditional path to exit. i.e. I used to hit the System button, the steam/vive menu would pop up with controls at bottom and in the middle would be Exit [whatever game]. Now when I do that. the box in the middle is for Return to [whatever game]. So now, in games that do not have an explicit Exit functionm I have to exit by using the System Button, then Power Button (bottom left) then Exit VR App or Go Home (takes me back to Home room) or Exit VR (takes me back to Windows).

Like I said, as far as I have noticed, this error has not effected my abiltity to go in and out of one or more (different or thje same) games in one session.

Anybody think this is cause for concern?

Date Posted: Jul 14 @ 7:32am
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