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Welcome to the new Steam Discussions!
Welcome to the new General Steam Discussion section. You'll find these new forums are fully integrated with Steam - they're accessible in the client and you don't need a separate login. In addition, you'll receive comment notifications instantly when other members reply to your forum topics and subscriptions.

Let us know what you think of the new feature, or drop by the Suggestions / Ideas forum and share your thoughts.

The rules and guidelines for these discussion areas can be found at
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Mohiuddin 2012年8月30日下午3:40 
mushy 2012年8月30日下午3:41 
Z Overlord 2012年8月30日下午3:41 
F1ngrBang 2012年8月30日下午3:41 
Great feature.
Ricksaw 2012年8月30日下午3:41 
god_man95 2012年8月30日下午3:41 
kbzr 2012年8月30日下午3:41 
Ghost 2012年8月30日下午3:41 
Finally clientside forums. This change is welcome.
YumaR!!^^ ✝ 2012年8月30日下午3:42 
Nice idea :D
dinobass 2012年8月30日下午3:42 
♥♥♥♥ing awesome :D
desertman2 2012年8月30日下午3:42 
Gah, it wouldn't save my edit that I tried to make.
VampiricPadraig 2012年8月30日下午3:42 
Basically this is the new SPUF? or will it still be available after the new "Steam Community" comes out of beta?
Egas 2012年8月30日下午3:42 
Amazing no more need to have a browser open to check something!
molo. 2012年8月30日下午3:43 
oh yea
Pua 2012年8月30日下午3:44 
So, this makes the Steam Powered Forums to die. However, I like the change. :)
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