Help me with finding servers in WA!!!
Recently I moved to perth with my parents to live here and after seterling in I went to play TF2 and i come from melbourne so there where about 3500 servers I could choose from and most of them where about 12-37 ping that I played on and when I went to play in perth in my house all I got with servers letacy 50 or below ALL I GOT WAS 8 servers with 30-40 pingand they had 0-32 players on them and then I go and play some other MP games and the same thing happends but with about 3 servers and 60 ping on each. Is this how its ment to be pls help I would really appreathate that thx. By the way if ur wondering if i change my download/clowd thing i did. Pls help thank u :)
Date Posted: Mar 4, 2013 @ 7:12am
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