BadIdeas 2013년 3월 1일 오후 1시 42분
Steam Survey made me lol
So, I just took this survey that popped up from steam, and one of the questions it asked was internet speed. It had to be the most outdated survey of the type. It not only asked if I connefcted with dial-up but if I was connecting via 33k dial-up. I don't think anyone has made a 33k modem in years. Not only that but its cable/dsl speed was 2mbps - 10mbps, that is about right for DSL, but there are not many cable companies that offer anything less than 10mbps anymore. I know, I work for one. The part that really made me lol was it capped out at greater than 10mbps, now I work for a company that can provide a residential speed of up to 300mbps, and the standard for them is moving from 15mbps to 50mbps. Not only that but the 10mbps or greater was listed as "LAN". Last I knew "LAN" was an acronym for "Local Area Network" and has nothing to do with internet connection speed.

It did amuse me though, so congrats on that.
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Frawzs 2013년 3월 1일 오후 7시 18분 
Where I used to live, the maximum speed you could get for broadband was 512kbps (approx 60KB/s). :)

And then I know people who get lower than that! Seems crazy to me now, but there are still people out there on pretty slow connections.
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literally just a dog 2013년 3월 1일 오후 7시 38분 
Where I live my maximum of the max is 768/kbs. I'm soo used to fast internet!! SOMEONE HELP ME
Smithyjx 2013년 3월 1일 오후 8시 56분 
I live in California and my max speed is between 500kbps-1.1mbps and it downloads stuff pretty fast 2mbps-10mbps is some extremely fast internet.... government stuff haha no they probably have stuff like 1gbps or faster lol
Chika Ogiue 2013년 3월 1일 오후 11시 00분 
Yep, I always have to answer incorrectly as they simply don't have an option anywhere near my actual speed: 1 Gbps fiber optic connection. Same with the download speed estimates; completely useless as they are for the outdated connections only.
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BadIdeas 2013년 3월 2일 오후 3시 23분 
@19delta3, idk if you are in an outlying area or not, or have the wrong service provider, but take a look a this: as far as I can tell most metro areas in western Oregon hit at least 50mbps.

@FrazerJC, what type of broadband? That sounds like DSL and it sounds to me like the ISP is trying to push it out as far as they can. Like I said in the op, 2mbps is about right for dsl, but the vast majority of cable connections are faster.
Dreakon13 2013년 3월 2일 오후 5시 02분 
I know someone with dialup, and Windows ME, on their only computer. They don't play games on it lol.
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theasta 2013년 5월 13일 오후 4시 04분 
Where I live in UK, max ADSL speed is less than 2mbps at this distance from exchange.
FTTC gets you around 20mbps with silly data caps & traffic shaping unless you pay OTT.
Cable hasn't reached here - suburbs of a major town.

I use mobile broadband instead which isn't mentioned at all. Gives average 4mbps, with overnight peaks at 8mbps. Got rid of land-line, so no rental.
So the Ping's around 100, but that'll disappear with 4G in a couple of months and max. speed will go up to 21mbps. My ISP isn't going to charge extra for it, or cap the data, unlike another Mobile provider who had a head start on 4G and tried to cash in lol.
Spawn of Totoro 2013년 5월 13일 오후 4시 18분 
Since an ISP speeds are listed in Mb/ps, and Steam's are listed in MB/ps that 300 Mbps turns into MB/ps 37.5. Even the survey list it as MB/ps.

The most common comcast speed is 50Mb/ps or 6.25 MB/ps. That part of the survey is still relevent for most people who take it.
facedown 2013년 5월 13일 오후 5시 39분 
Max DSL speed here is 40 Gig. Max cable is 50 Gig.
big joe 2013년 5월 14일 오전 12시 14분 
umm ive hard of like 1tbps internet dont know if its real though i get 5 mbps with a good connection right now so after i move getting 100mbps plan
big joe 2013년 5월 14일 오전 12시 14분 
congrats to me
id like to personally thank my wallet and myself for this accomplishment
Satoru 2013년 5월 14일 오전 6시 59분 
Note that in many many parts of the USA 'broadband' is defined at rediculously low rates of 512k.
Spawn of Totoro 2013년 5월 14일 오전 7시 03분 
Satoru님이 먼저 게시:
Note that in many many parts of the USA 'broadband' is defined at rediculously low rates of 512k.

Yep, anything faster then dial-up is "broadband" or "high speed" internet. Atleast, that is what companies want us to believe.
Real Friends 2013년 5월 14일 오전 9시 22분 
I get about 1mbps :l
Helmed 2013년 5월 15일 오전 1시 31분 
I think the better question is, has anyone in america able to just buy internet? Not just a plan or anything, just a cheap internet for 20$ or so.
I've been fighting comcast for years for this sort of thing, but they insist that i buy a package of tv and phone service plans or they tack on 50$ to having internet alone.
Not only that but i've been seeing a trending bandwidth limiter where you can only use up so much bandwidth so comcast has been pretty much the only option i see as still the better choice of service.
IMO Internet companies are becoming slimier every year. Wheres my customer satisfaction?
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