ohsnapitsjf Feb 13, 2013 @ 8:27am
Long shot, checking here before bugging support.
Last time Steam had a big sale on The Sims 3, I grabbed the base game and one expansion pack, then after installing, decided I wanted the Pets expansion, too. They had a bundle with base and Pets also on sale, so I got them to give me a Steam credit refund on the base purchase so I could get the bundle instead, which was awesome of them.

Now I want to jump on a different sale on Amazon for another expansion, Generations. Read up a bit, find out I need to migrate to Origin to install from Amazon downloads. Bleh. Fine, I want Mass Effect at some point too, so I might as well. Buy Generations, put my codes into Origin for that and my other two EPs, and... Base game serial isn't working. Chat with EA support, they say the CD key I have has been invalidated due to a "fraudulent chargeback with a 3rd party." Not true, it was a perfectly valid refund, but really, it's a dead end, anything I can say to them now is just going to seem like a scammer scrambling for excuses and is not really going to make a difference.

So I'm looking at getting burned on the Generations purchase, because I doubt Steam will just hand over a new key for me to take my business elsewhere. I already registered it with Origin so I can't barter with someone for a Steam version. Same problem with going to Amazon, they won't cough up a Steam code after I've registered the Origin copy even if they had that ability (which I'm not sure they do). I'm not "mad" per se, it's been mostly my fault and it's only like $7 I'm out, but still.

You think support will have anything to say besides what I've pretty much assumed will happen? I recognize that Steam has already done way more for me than they needed to, just hoping I can save some face here.
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SnarKs Feb 13, 2013 @ 8:39am 
The sims cd keys on steam should activate on your origin account perfectly fine.

But I dont understand one thing. EA says your base game is accused of a fraudulent chargeback, and then you go on to say it was a valid refund. Doesnt make sense, why would you be trying to activate a game youve had refunded...
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ohsnapitsjf Feb 13, 2013 @ 8:43am 
I had installed using the CD key I initially bought, then went back to Steam to ask for a refund on that one to get the bundled version. I'm assuming that the CD key I have was marked somehow as being refunded, and I just never got a new one with the bundle. I didn't really need it to play, so it hasn't mattered until this ordeal.
SnarKs Feb 13, 2013 @ 8:52am 
Im assuming, like a lot of current EA games on steam, supply you with the CD key on steam. You can then use it to activate them on origin. You need to go to your games library on steam, right click the game and select view cd key.

In the chance that the drop down menu doesnt have a cd key option, switch the library to detailed view and there should be a cd key link on the far left.
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Satoru Feb 13, 2013 @ 8:52am 
You'd probably have to tlak with Support about that. It's worth a shot though I woudln't get your hopes up to be honest.
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